Monday, September 18, 2006

My Life Grading

Somebody told me recently that you spend 33% of your life sleeping. That piece of trivia got me thinking about how much time I spend grading. I think that I will spend about 10% of my life grading. Not just my teaching carreer but my whole entire life! Lets say I live to 75 that means that I will have spent 7.5 years grading papers. It makes sense to me. I grade papers during the little free time I have at school and then I take piles of papers home. I very rarely use the word immense to describe anything but I think I would describe my stacks of papers as immense or maybe even mamouth.
Imagine a mamouth stack of papers. I enjoy reading all the intriguing stories that my students create. It is great to see their personalities jump from the paper. Also I know it is one of the most battle tested ways of checking for understanding but sometimes it is just too much. I don't think there is an answer to my question or if I am even asking question. Oh well, I guess I am just complaining. Now that I am done ranting I am going to go and grade some papers.


At 8:03 PM , Blogger SF to the VV! said...

Grade on! SF to the VV!

At 11:38 AM , Blogger Azn Ftw! said...

^^ weird -_-"

At 11:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now you just need somebody to grade YOUR writing. Do you even proofread this stuff?!?
Oh yeah, and you're ugly.

At 12:03 AM , Blogger Mario Landeros said...

Just so that you know Mr. Price is anonymous. He is afraid to mention his name because he is in fact very ugly. Take that Price !!!

At 2:49 AM , Anonymous Sam Purtill said...

Hahaha... I have a new way of teaching to propose to you: don't give us any homework!!! You'll save 7.5 years of your life man, that's a lot of time you could be SKIIIIINNGGGGGG hahahahaha :p


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