Thursday, January 11, 2007

The 2nd Worst Moment of 2007

First let me start off by saying that I am usually a really positive person. But this week has been a bit of a strain as you can tell by this post and the previous post title. I know this is going to be a great year in which I succeed a great deal but right now the second week of 2007 is a bit of a bust.

I came home and was "surfing the web" when I received a call from a 916 area code. I picked up the phone and this how the conversation went.

916 Person: Hello this is Ms. X (not real name, but sounds cool) from the department of education at Sacramento State. May I speak to Mario Landeros.

Me: This is him. (Inner dialogue: She is going to remind me about school starting next week)

916 Person: Do you know that you missed the first day of class.

Me: Excuse Me.

916 Person: Yesterday was the first class of your Master's Program

Me: Oh my (Inner dialogue: Oh crap)

916 Person: I e-mailed you a month ago letting you know the schedule.

Me: Yes, I remember, I assumed that the classes began at the same time as Sacramento State classes. (Classes at Sac State do not begin until 01/19)

916 Person: Well, that is not the case, I e-mailed you the schedule.

Me: I apologize what can I do to fix this situation. (Inner dialogue: Yeah Yeah Yeah the e-mail I get it)

916 Person: Here is the course syllabus with the instructor's e-mail. You may want to contact her.

Me: Thank you

After I got off the phone with Ms. X I felt like the biggest piece of trash in the world. In the business of education the two things I take very seriously are my first impressions and being responsible. Forgetting to come to your very first class of my Master's program is a very poor performance. Especially when you consider the two things I take seriously. To my students this may not be a big deal but it sort of is. One it is important to me, I am my biggest critic so when I do things like this I tend to beat myself up a little more than others do. Second missing class at the university and especially graduate level is a big nuisance. You have to e-mail the instructor to tell them how sorry you are and that it will never happen again. You also have to get a make up assignment. Also I missed 4 hours of academic content that I need to catch up on. I will get over this in a couple of days but the writing in my blog at this moment is at least helping in the process of getting over it.

I promise the next post will be a positive one. (This promise is being made to myself but if you want a ride on the promise train come along.)


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