Friday, December 08, 2006

Something That Is Bothering Me Right Now

It seems like this comes up way too much. The words “gay” and/or “homo” in my opinion are two blaring signs that one is ignorant and inconsiderate. Being ignorant and inconsiderate are probably to of my biggest pet peeves. Unfortunately for the age group I teach the word “gay” is engrained in there vernacular.
When I hear somebody say “My computer is acting gay right now” I usually ask two questions “What does that mean?” and “How can a non-living object be gay?” The first problem with this word or any pejorative (N-word, Wetback, and any other term for that matter) is that it is offensive. Even if it is not offensive to me it is offensive to somebody in the room and for that you should be considerate.
I am not gay but people I love very much are, when you say words like “homo” or even stronger you are making a judgment about those people I love. If you want to see me mad then make a judgment about my family and others I care about. I don’t think it would be appreciated of I questioned and critique your faith or ethnicity.
The last point I will make about this is how people just sound ignorant. Why would you say a word that carries no meaning for what you are trying to say? Printers, ties, smells, food are all gay and I just can’t understand why. When I see students acting ignorant it is more disenchanting then anything. It is hard for me to believe that in 2006 we still have people like this. It has nothing do with validating anyone’s lifestyle choice but more respecting them as a human being. Imagine that respecting someone as a human being not for their color of their skin, the way they talk, or their sexual preference. My basic point about this is that you should treat people the way you would like to be treated. I know that sounds warm and fuzzy but it shouldn’t.


At 11:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally I agree.
That is why I basically hate 99.9% of the people at Buckingham.
Well, actually, I hate 99.9% of all people everywhere. But that could just be because I am a cynical a**hole.

You should come to next week's GSA meeting. It's at 2:45 in Mrs. Rausch's room on Tuesday.
I'm vice prez. =]

At 2:28 AM , Anonymous Sam Purtill said...

Great post... I definitely agree with you. Everyone says it, but no one thinks about what they're saying; I don't think people set out to offend others by using it as an adjective for anything... But, as you have said, it has turned out to be offensive.

At 11:15 AM , Blogger whipflash said...

I totally agree about the whole gay thing, even though I am completely against homosexuality. By the way, "there vernacular" should be "their vernacular". Teach that to your English class.

At 11:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah it's kinda messed up but I think people have the right to look ignorant if they want to. About %95 percent of what comes out of teenagers' mouths' is offensive and quite frankly I think people care too much about the words gay and retarded individually. I'm christian and I don't get my panties all in a bundle when people say "Oh my God"'s how it is.


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