Friday, December 01, 2006

Ivan Denisovich Quote Analysis

For this Assignment you will need to analyze five quotes from One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. In your anaylsis you should tell me the context (what is going in the story at the time), meaning (what you think the quote means or is trying to say) & theme (how does this quote relate to one of the themes)

Here are some quotes:

Quote 1: "Here, men, we live by the law of the taiga. But even here people manage to live. The ones that don't make it are those who lick other men's leftovers, those who count on the doctors to pull them through, and those who squeal on their buddies." pg. 4

Quote 2: "Work was like a stick. It had two ends. When you worked for the knowing you gave them quality; when you worked for a fool you simply gave him eyewash. Otherwise, everybody would have croaked long ago. They all knew that." pg. 12

Quote 3: "Apart from sleep, the only time a prisoner lives for himself is ten minutes in the morning at breakfast, five minutes over dinner, and five at supper." pg. 14

Quote 4: "How can you expect a man who's warm to understand a man who's cold? The cold stung. A murky fog wrapped itself around Shukhov and made him cough painfully. The temperature out there was -17; Shukov's temperature was 99. The fight was on." pg. 19

Quote 5: "Every nerve in his body was taut, all his longing was concentrated in that cigarette butt--which meant more to him now, it seemed, than freedom itself--but he would never lower himself like that Fetiukov, he would never look at a man's mouth." pg. 24-25

Quote 6: "Alyosha , who was standing next to Shukov, gazed at the sun and looked happy, a smile on his lips. What had he to be happy about? His cheeks were sunken, he lived strictly on his rations, he earned nothing. He spent all his Sundays muttering with the other Baptists. They shed hardships of camp life like water off a duck's back." pg. 36

Quote 7: "In camp the squad leader is everything: a good one will give you a second life; a bad one will put you in your coffin." pg. 36

Quote 8: "There was truth in that. Better to growl and submit. If you were stubborn they broke you." pg. 41

Quote 9: "Shukov looked up at the sky and gasped--the sun had climbed almost to the dinner hour. Wonder of wonders! How time flew when you were working! That was something he'd often noticed. The days rolled by in the camp--they were over before you could say knife. But the years, they never rolled by; they never moved by a second." pg. 53

Quote 10: "He was a newcomer. He was unused to the hard life of the zeks. Though he didn't know it, moments like this were particularly important to him, for they were transforming him from an eager, confident naval officer with a ringing voice into an inert, though wary, zek. And only in that inertness lay the chance of surviving the twenty-five years of imprisonment he'd been sentenced to." pg.

Quote 11: "But Shukov wasn't made that way--eight years in a camp couldn't change his nature. He worried about anything he could make use of, about every scrap of work he could do--nothing must be wasted without good reason." pg. 88

Quote 12: "Why can't you understand? The stars fall down now and then. The gaps have to be filled." pg. 90-91

Quote 13: "Who's the zek's main enemy? Another zek. If only they weren't at odds with one another--ah, what a difference that'd make!" pg. 101

Quote 14: "He had less and less cause to remember Temgenovo and his home there. Life in camp wore him out from reveille to bedtime, with not a second for idle reflections." pg. 107

Quote 15: "And now Shukov complained about nothing: neither about the length of his stretch, nor about the length of the day, nor about their swiping another Sunday. This was all he thought about now: we'll survive. We'll stick it out, God willing, till it's over." pg. 117

Quote 16: "D'you mean to say you think Old Whiskers will take pity on you? Why, he wouldn't trust his own brother. You haven't a chance, you ass." pg. 122

Quote 17: "When you thought about it, you couldn't help feeling sorry for him. He wouldn't live to see the end of his stretch. His attitude was all wrong." pg. 125

Quote 18: "Ten days. Ten days hard in the cells--if you sat them out to the end, your health would be ruined for the rest of your life. T.B. and nothing but hospital for you till you kicked the bucket. As for those who got fifteen days hard and sat them out--they went straight into a hole in the cold earth. As long as you're in the barracks--praise the Lord and sit tight." pg. 129

Quote 19: "You should rejoice that you're in prison. Here you have time to think about your soul." pg. 136

Quote 20: "they hadn't put him in the cells; they hadn't sent his squad to the settlement; he'd swiped a bowl of kasha at dinner; the squad leader had fixed the rates well; he'd built a wall and enjoyed doing it; he'd smuggled that bit of hacksaw blade through; he'd earned a favor from Tsezar that evening; he'd bought that tobacco. And he hadn't fallen ill. He got over it." pg. 139

Quote 21: "A day without a dark cloud. Almost a happy day. There were three thousand six hundred and fifty-three days like that in his stretch. From the first clang of the rail to the last clang of the rail. Three thousand six hundred and fifty-three days. The three extra days were for leap years." pg. 139


At 8:47 AM , Anonymous Dan R said...

Dan Reardon

1) Quote 3: "Apart from sleep, the only time a prisoner lives for himself is ten minutes in the morning at breakfast, five minutes over dinner, and five at supper." pg. 14

I think the author is trying to convey that the prisoners have no time to themselves.

2)Quote 5: "Every nerve in his body was taut, all his longing was concentrated in that cigarette butt--which meant more to him now, it seemed, than freedom itself--but he would never lower himself like that Fetiukov, he would never look at a man's mouth." pg. 24-25

In this quote I think that the author is showing the struggle to survive in a harsh element.

3)Quote 8: "There was truth in that. Better to growl and submit. If you were stubborn they broke you." pg. 41

If you fought back you would be taken down but if you submitted you wouldn’t be hamred because you follow orders.

4)Quote 17: "When you thought about it, you couldn't help feeling sorry for him. He wouldn't live to see the end of his stretch. His attitude was all wrong." pg. 125

I think he’s saying that the guy is going to die because hes not playing it safe.

5) Quote 19: "You should rejoice that you're in prison. Here you have time to think about your soul." pg. 136

when you’re a prisoner you have time to think about your life and your soul.

At 8:49 AM , Anonymous Alyse said...

Quote 1:

It was the words of wisdom a veteran prisoner had told Shukov when he was a newcomer. I think it’s talking about survival of the fittest, and who the ones we make it will be. Always remember- tattle tales… die.

Quote 2:

Shukov is talking about managing work. This one is about survival too, and knowing the ropes. When too slack and when not to.

Quote 3:

Shukov is talking about a prisoner’s personal freedom and how they are only allowed it at meantimes when they’re eating.

Quote 4:

This was when Shukov was trying to get out of work sick. He’s talking about how you can’t expect a man who’s not in same spot as you, and facing the same problems to understand and symphasize with someone who is in a worse off spot.

Quote 5:

Fetuikov and Shokov are in silent competition over who will earn Tseazer’s cigarette butt. This quote concerns dignity and how Shukov wasn’t going to stoop so low as Fetiukov.

Quote 6:

This qoute comes just after Shukovs squad reaches the place where they’re going to work for the day. I think the qoute is talking about like some kind of mixed up enlightenment? Personal happiness no matter the circumstances?

Quote 7:

Just before they get their job assignments from Tiurin. This qoute is about survival and good leaders.

Quote 8:

Waiting for Tiurin to get back and give them work. Life in the camps is unfair, but don’t open your mouth, it’s better than being given something worse.

Quote 9:

They just started working. Time flies when you’re busy. The relative-ness of the passing of time.

Quote 10:

The ways of the camp, some minor thing that affected the captain and how he handled it. The qoute is talking about how the camps transform men into apathetic animals focused only on the survival of the now.

Quote 11:

They are working now. Shukov refuses to do a hack job on the wall he’s assigned to. Dignity again and Pride.

Quote 12:

Shukov and the Captain have a conversation about the stars. Shukov thinks there is a new moon every night and the old moon makes new stars.

Quote 13:
This qoute comes during the guard search of prisoners on the return ‘home’. One pays, you all pay.

Quote 14:

Shukov takes a moment to remember his home. Personal freedom?

Quote 15:

Mealtime. The loss of freedom, and the institution of hardships- just put up with them till they’re over?

Quote 16:

A couple prisoners having a political debate. Stalen didn’t care about the prisoners in the camps and their plights. And apparently Stalen was also a little paranoid.

Quote 17:

Fetiukov just got beat up and is collapsed crying on his bed. Shukov feels pity for him, Fetiukov doesn’t know how to survive in the camps.

Quote 18:

Evening count/check/inspection thing. The cells will kill you by giving you bad health, so shut up and be good so you don’t get sent there. Barracks is better than Cells.

Quote 19:
Alyosha and Shukov have a religious discussion. Aloyosha has faith, and is happy with the hardships of camp. Spiritual enlightenment?

At 8:52 AM , Anonymous Kristine C. said...

1)Quote 1 is about something that Shukhov first squad Kuziomin told him about him camp. I think this quote means that if you don’t make another prisoner upset then you will be fine.

2)Quote 3 is when the prisoners were at breakfast. I think the quote means that the only time they have to do what they want is when they sleep, or when they are eating.

3)Quote 4 is when Shukhov is thinking about going to the doctors. I think that the quote means that someone who is warm can not sympathies with someone who is cold.

4)Quote 8 is when they are telling about Senka and how he went deft. I think this quote means that it is better just do as you are told.

5)Quote 13 is when the zeks are standing in line in the evening. I think this quote means that the zeks don’t get along because some just do as they are told and others do not.

At 9:24 AM , Anonymous Ben Johnson said...

1) Quote 1- The author is saying that in order to survive these camps you cannot depend on other people, you have to lookout for yourself and not try to squeal on anyone else.
2) Quote 2- He’s saying that when you are working you only need to do a good job if you’re being supervised by someone who knows what a good job is. When the supervisor doesn’t know or just doesn’t care then you really only need to give him eye candy.
3) Quote 3- The prisoners are told what to do all day but those few minutes they have are their little slice of freedom.
4) Quote 7- A good squad leader will help you out, get some extra food for you, or even save some food for you if you are gone. They will also help protect you from the guards. A bad squad leader on the other hand will not do any of those things and will probably leave you out in the cold when you need him most.
5) Quote 8- The author is saying that it is a better idea to show that you are willing to accept the fact that the guards control you, because if you don’t then they will just torture you for their pleasure.

At 9:27 AM , Anonymous Zac Craft said...

Quote 2:
This comes from the beginning of the story when Ivan is talking about their work. He is basically saying that if the supervisor is hard-nosed you give him good work but if he is foolish you just try to make it look good, if they hadn’t followed that rule they’d have overworked themselves long ago. This goes with the theme that they are surviving under their strange circumstances.

Quote 3:
This is another quote that comes in the beginning of the story when he is describing what life is like for them. With the exception of sleep and those different time periods, the prisoners are working under the guards and work the whole time with the exception of those short periods, all work, and no play. This also goes with surviving, if they didn’t want to live, which is understandable, they would’ve gone a long time ago.

Quote 7:
This quote comes from when Shukov is describing the leader of gang 104. It means that if you have a good squad leader you will survive and get second chances usually. If you have a bad one you will go down with him. This goes with the theme of the prisoners needing to depend on each other.

Quote 8:
This quote comes from when Ivan is being punished for not being awake on time. It means that you can voice your opinion, to a point, but you always had to back down and follow orders, if not, you would soon learn the hard way. This goes with the theme of learning to survive under unusually circumstances.

Quote 4:
This is from when Ivan is being dismissed from the doctor’s. It’s about how you can’t fully understand a situation unless you are put into it yourself. It’s also about how he has to battle the cold, not die from freezing. This goes with the very visible theme of surviving under harsh conditions.

At 9:27 AM , Anonymous Amanda Blackwell said...

1. Quote 3

During this time Shukhov is getting back from the guardhouse and going to get his breakfast. I think the quote means that prisoners don’t get much time to take care of themselves. The only time they get to do something they want to do (eat) is during meals.

2. Quote 4

This is the section where Shukhov goes to the dispensary. He knows that the man working there won’t understand the way he feels. I think this quote means that no one can know the pain that Shukhov and the other prisoners experienced unless they experience it themselves.

3. Quote 7

The men are heading to work in this part of the book. This quote talks about squad leaders. I think that it is saying that if you have a squad leader who makes good decisions and teaches you how to take care of yourself, you’ll survive, but if he forces you to fend for yourself and he makes decisions that aren’t good for the squad, or that are selfish, you don’t have a good chance of surviving.

4. Quote 8

No matter what the men tried to do to escape or get out of work, there was no hope for them. They would always get caught, so it was better to just behave.

5. Quote 15

This quote shows that no matter how bad the struggle was the prisoners still had hope because they knew that their sentence would be over someday, so they wanted to hang in there.

At 9:44 AM , Anonymous Whitney Chandler said...

1. Quote 3: The prisoners hardly have any free time to themselves. They are always working, and the only time they have time to themselves is when they are in for the night, ten minutes to eat their breakfast, five minutes to eat their dinner, and another five minutes to eat their supper. The theme is set to portray that in the labor camps, prisoners were not free, and they couldn’t do what they wanted to.

2. Quote 7: The squad leader is in charge. If you are lucky you will have a good leader who will spare you, and you will be able to manage in the camp. But if you have a bad leader you will suffer in the camps. The theme is to portray that once again it was hard to live in a labor camp; you had to be a strong person.

3. Quote 8: It is better to complain and fight, and submit then to try to be stubborn. If you are stubborn they will break you some how, some way. The theme is that they do not tolerate any mess in the labor camps. You do what they say, no questions asked.

4. Quote 14: He couldn’t think about his family in Temgenovo. If he did it would just bring him down. He couldn’t afford to even think about home. He needed every second of his mind focused on the camp. The theme is that in the camps, prisoners had to be focused on trying to survive, so that way they could do their time and get out of there.

5. Quote 19: You should be thankful that you are in prison; here you have time to think about your soul. You realize that every second in life counts. And won’t take life for granted. Theme is that camps were tough to make it through.

At 9:52 AM , Anonymous Mike Camacho said...

1) Quote 3: "Apart from sleep, the only time a prisoner lives for himself is ten minutes in the morning at breakfast, five minutes over dinner, and five at supper." pg. 14

This quote is actually pretty self explanatory it is saying that these prisoners have no life for them it’s wake up, work, eat, sleep. They do this day after day.

2) Quote 6: "Alyosha , who was standing next to Shukov, gazed at the sun and looked happy, a smile on his lips. What had he to be happy about? His cheeks were sunken, he lived strictly on his rations, he earned nothing. He spent all his Sundays muttering with the other Baptists. They shed hardships of camp life like water off a duck's back." pg. 36

In this quote it seems that Aloysha’s cup is always have full meaning that he is allways optimistic no matter the situation.

3) Quote 7: "In camp the squad leader is everything: a good one will give you a second life; a bad one will put you in your coffin." pg. 36

This quote it basiclly says that if everything depends on the squad leader a good/nice one will proablly take it easy and he knows what hes doing. A bad one proablly doesn’t know what he is doing and wont be as nice.

4) Quote 8: "There was truth in that. Better to growl and submit. If you were stubborn they broke you." pg. 41

In this camp it is better to keep your mouth shut and do what they tell you because if you fight back then “they will break you” they will make you be submissful.

5) Quote 19: "You should rejoice that you're in prison. Here you have time to think about your soul." pg. 136

This quote is also taking the optimistic route it means that here at the camp you start to see your life and the world a different way.

At 1:35 PM , Anonymous Marco oropeza said...

1)Quote 2: "Work was like a stick. It had two ends. When you worked for the knowing you gave them quality; when you worked for a fool you simply gave him eyewash. Otherwise, everybody would have croaked long ago. They all knew that." pg. 12

In this quote he was basiacally reflecting on how they dnt work for somebody that cares and they dont try their best or else they all would have dies years ago.

2)Quote 3: "Apart from sleep, the only time a prisoner lives for himself is ten minutes in the morning at breakfast, five minutes over dinner, and five at supper." pg. 14

Threw out there work day they have little time to there selves and he knows that when hes eating.

3)Quote 8: "There was truth in that. Better to growl and submit. If you were stubborn they broke you." pg. 41

This was when the guard said to him just deal with it when he was sick. If you didnt submitto them they kill you.

4) The quote said " You should rejoice that you are in prison" This meants it becuase that was there time to relflect on their lives and what they were doing.
5)Quote 17: "When you thought about it, you couldn't help feeling sorry for him. He wouldn't live to see the end of his stretch. His attitude was all wrong." pg. 125

He was talking abou the old man he saw sitting infront of him and how he was so old that there was no hope for himslef. The theme of Struggling to survive.

At 5:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site is very helpful i have a essay due on quote #2 and had no clue what it meant. Thanks!!!!

At 4:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing citation of the quotes...i really liked the way most of the important quotes were mentioned.

At 3:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote #3: I am doing a comparative essay and I think this quote will be very beneficial. It is a great power phrase both describing the cruel conditions the prisoners are put under and how they view this cruelty. It is clear that basically every moment of life is controlled or degraded by the government/military. Although, Ivan sees it as freedom he is also very aware that the guards can easily reduce or remove any food or sleep, the little they have, at any moment for any reason at all.

At 9:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're all missing the point! what was the authors intent? how do these quotes relate personally to Shukhov? it not only about what is going on when they are spoken! For instance, quote five demonstrates Shukhov's yearning for the simple pleasure of the life he could have outside the camp. The fact that that small bit of tobacco was so important to him demonstrates his severe loss of the identity of himself and man as an entity. Fetiukov represents complete deterioration of man in hard times while Shukhov is atleast able to maintain his self respect. Obviously the author is demonstrating the struggle to survive but how does that struggle change and affect the prisoners is the real question. Search deeper people! there's much more to be found

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