Wednesday, February 27, 2008

March 6th - B Day

In the comments let me know three things and get extra credit towards your homework grade. That simple! Make sure to leave your name in the comments, I can’t give extra credit to “Anonymous”. Also let me know anything else that might be important like how the sub was with the class or anything else. I will get the subs side but I will hear you out. Or it could be that they were the greatest sub ever, who knows.
1 - What is something that you took away from today’s class? (“Hey, I didn’t know that”)
2 - How was your school day outside of this class? (“Really, you want to know”)
3 - What is a question you have after today’s class? (“Man I wish Mr. Landeros was here today he is so smart”)


At 10:34 PM , Anonymous lauren said...

1! I didn't know I'd ever take an English class where a movie starring Jim Carrey would be used to teach us about paradigm shifts. It worked really well.

2! I went to work and I was filled with nervous energy which came out as anger and sassiness. I didn't get very many tips.

3! I had a lot of questions about the worksheet and so I probably got a lot of that stuff wrong.

At 8:36 AM , Anonymous Courtney said...

1.The fact that i learn things better through a movie than I do when someone explains thing to me.. In other words i understand more now what a paradigm shift is than before.

2. It was ok, i couldn't play soccer at practice because I dislocated my shoulder saturday in the soccer tournament. Thanks for asking!

3. Like lauren i too had a lot of questions on the worksheet, and i don't think i completly understood it.

At 4:45 PM , Blogger Mario Landeros said...

Trumam Show is a really great movie that talks about everything from consumer society and "big brother" watching over you to what exactly is the perfect life? Nervous + energy = anger and sassiness is an interesting equation.

At 4:49 PM , Blogger Mario Landeros said...

Courtney sorry about the injury. As a soccer goalie that injury is almost avoidable over time. I guess you learned that you are a visual learner. I actually am a visual learner as well.

I will go over the sheet on Tuesday.


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