Wednesday, February 27, 2008

March 7th - A Day

In the comments let me know three things and get extra credit towards your homework grade. That simple! Make sure to leave your name in the comments, I can’t give extra credit to “Anonymous”. Also let me know anything else that might be important like how the sub was with the class or anything else. I will get the subs side but I will hear you out. Or it could be that they were the greatest sub ever, who knows.
1 - What is something that you took away from today’s class? (“Hey, I didn’t know that”)
2 - How was your school day outside of this class? (“Really, you want to know”)
3 - What is a question you have after today’s class? (“Man I wish Mr. Landeros was here today he is so smart”)


At 1:35 PM , Anonymous Lauren said...

1- I didn't know any of that stuff about the electric car and GM. It was a little depressing and made me kind of angry.

2- So far today all I've done is read Hellboy and watch my baby sister throw things and eat other things. But today is my mom's birthday, so the day will probably get a little more exciting as it wears on.

3- We didn't finish the movie, so I would've asked how it ends. I really want to know if anyone's done anything about this since the documentary was made, so I'll probably just google it or such.

At 4:51 PM , Blogger Mario Landeros said...

Tell your mom happy birthday although I imagine that the statement might lead to an interesting discussion.

You will probably be even more annoyed when I show you the rest of the video on Monday!


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