Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fridays Are Great

More specifically this Friday was great. You know it was a good day when I spent two hours at American Tire Co. getting my flat tire fixed and still can reflect positively about the day. Even though I lost two hours of my life I was still able to do a whole lot of my favorite thing which is nothing. It was a blast hanging out at my friend’s house and eating some fine Vietnamese cuisine. We taunted his brothers as they played Halo. I know what you are thinking; you are an adult and you decided bothering people would be a good use of time. I never claimed to be mature so stop the judging.
After that it was off to the A’s game in Oakland. I am a huge Giants fan and no Nick Swisher is going to take away the memory of watching Robby Thompson and Jose Uribe flip a double play. An Eric Chavez diving stop will never add up to watching Will Clark and Matt Williams hit back to back home runs. That being said it was great watching some baseball with a good friend. The atmosphere was also aided by a most excellent plate of Nachos. It was an exciting game that had three home runs. It went 12 innings with the A’s finally winning. Now that is America’s pastime; nachos, home runs, and extra innings. I ended the night talking to my brother about his new job at Vans. He bought some Air Jordan shoes that he wanted really bad.
In case I didn’t mention this before my brother is pretty awesome. An example of his awesomeness is the fact that a week before he got his job at Van’s he sprained his wrist and got a good sized knee scrape trying to “bomb” a hill. This gave him instant credibility at Van’s because he hurt himself in a skateboarding related injury. See a nice simple day that had whole lot of nothing which is my favorite thing.


At 3:06 AM , Blogger Jez said...

Why do I stress when I could I just go to a footie match with a nice plate of cheese? (-;
I look out my window today (Saturday, it's a Saturday), and I think California must be the place to be...

At 3:14 AM , Anonymous Daniel Landeros said...

Brother words can't describe how much I love you. Thanks for the mention in the blog, I finally can scratch off being on a blog off ''my life goals list''. Next will be fighting a falcon and winning. Vans is cool, and big ups to you and Kyle for getting the shoes for me. Why couldn't you mention my favorite player Royce Clayton but andways go Giants, and down with the Athletics. Stay up. SF to the VV!

At 11:48 PM , Anonymous Sam Purtill said...

Mr. Landeros, I didn't know you were a Giants fan!!! I'm probably going to the game on Tuesday, you should come... Do you go to a lot of their games ?


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