Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Enjoying My Break

* About 10 minutes later I would slip and drop my digital camera in the water rendering it useless. That being said it was an amazing trip with some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen. Imaging just staring at landscape for 20 minutes. Oh yeah and I bought a new digital camera, you can do that when your a teacher. Teachers are filthy rich!!!


At 9:50 PM , Anonymous Sam Purtill said...

That looks awesome! Glad you're having fun...

Did you get the new Jay-Z CD? The "Show Me What You Got" song is the worst song on the album in my opinion, if that's what you're rating it by :D.

Also, your new camera, what did you get? I am looking to get a camera right now and don't know what to get... Let me know, thanks!

At 2:10 PM , Anonymous Alayna said...

Wow...those are some of the greatest pictures of the beach! You're so lucky...I'm jealous. If only I were fortunate enough to get away from Vacaville and leave all these boring people behind for a little while. Well, hope you continue to have the time of your life! Happy Thanksgiving! I'll have the time of my life tomorrow...5 a.m. shopping! ...yes, I am one of those crazy people who wakes up at 4 just to get to the mall at 5 and shop all morning...did you really expect anything different? ;)

At 3:25 PM , Anonymous Daniel Landeros said...

Sweet radio tag, sorry about the old camera but im sure your new camera will rock much harder. see you in a little bit for turdunken and mashed potatoes.


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