Monday, October 30, 2006

This Could Be Hard to Explain

I was greeted this morning by some staff asking me if I had any relatives that lived in Fairfield. This caught me off guard but it was Monday morning and I did not have the skill of questioning down yet. So I just let it go and went through my routine. Then another staff member asked me the same question. By this time I was awake and I asked why? It turns out that somebody named Augustin Landeros was in the paper.

Apparently this guy, Augustin Landeros, broke into a house and fell asleep in a child's vacant room. He later reufused to leave. The Reporter cleverly labeled this occasion the "Goldilocks Complex." This would have been really awkward if this was a relative. I would have had to lie and tell them he wasn't. Because of my last name I don't get too many people asking me if I have relatives. Whenever my last name does come up it is usually some story like this "Goldilocks Guy" or something stranger if it can get stranger than that. Click here for a link to the story.


At 1:54 AM , Anonymous Daniel Landeros said...

Are you serious I don't want this guy going around tainting our name, If i see him i will punch him in the face. SF to the VV.

At 3:14 PM , Anonymous emily said...

i really want to know what SF to the VV means.

At 10:26 AM , Anonymous Daniel Landeros said...

Lakers win thanks to best player in the NBA.

At 11:31 PM , Anonymous Sam Purtill said...

Mr. Landeros! Hey, Ive been outta hte blogosphere for quite a while. Tons of work and TONS of reading, I finally finished Atlas Shrugged (which was amazzingggg)

Anyways, what have you been up to? Ill see you tomorrow in Keyboarding while I'm wandering the halls during AP Stats :D

SF to the VV means San Francisco to Vacaville... Right?

At 9:48 AM , Anonymous emily said...

yes it does sam


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