Sunday, October 01, 2006

Appreciate Art

This weekend I saw two great films. One was one of my favorites, The Royal Tenenbaums, the other was a surprisingly stirring film, The Ratcatcher. Watching these films got me thinking about how important it is to appreciate art. Without out art life would be boring. Life would be facts and numbers, everything would be there and we wouldn’t have to think about anything. Art makes us takes take a stretch. It creates a world that we want to be a part of or just learn more about.
You should take time to appreciate art. I don’t care what type of art is; a film, graffiti on a wall, or your favorite song. Remember that art is there so we can benefit from it. Art is; beautiful, intriguing, complex, immense, emotional and simple. The reason I end with simple is because when it comes down to it art is what ever you decide to take from it and that’s all that really matters.


At 11:53 AM , Anonymous Daniel Landeros said...

You're a towel, on a serious note bigs ups to art and what it provides to different people. I love me some art anytime of the day. Stay up. SF to the VV!


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