Thursday, October 05, 2006

Soccer Fans Are Smarter

First let me say that this is coming from the perspective of a born and raised soccer fan. So of course there is a bias. But it is my stern belief that soccer fans are smarter than any other sports fans.
Nascar fans aren’t even in this equation, they just watch to see a car crash. Fans of Hockey watch that sport for the same reason; they want to see a fight. I have been to some Baseball games recently and all they do is talk about anything except Baseball. Going to a Baseball is more about the experience than the actual game. Also have you ever tried explaining baseball to somebody who knows absolutely nothing about the game? It is at this point that you realize how complex baseball is. Football fans watch just to see the pure savagery. The game of football is predicated on overpowering strength. Smarts don’t win in the game of football. People just watch football to see living beasts beat the crap out of each other. Basketball is my second favorite sport but I don’t know how often I have said “Wow that is a great pick and roll” and have the person next to me look at me like I was speaking Portuguese. They just want to see the windmill dunk.
If you have ever been to a Soccer game you will realize how knowledgeable Soccer fans are. You will hear things like; “Switch the field”, “play the flank”, and “through ball”. Soccer is so simple but yet complex. Soccer is simple because you just have to score a goal, easy right, but it is complex because you just can’t keep on going forward and score a goal. Fans have to know all the intricate aspects. Soccer fans know the difference between long grass and short grass; they know the difference between a cross to the near post or the far post. If soccer fans didn’t know these things they would just be lost. The comment by American sports fans is always that “Soccer is boring” this is true because you don’t know what is going on. I have recently converted some friends into appreciating soccer and know they can see how interesting the game is. They can now see all the little things that make soccer the “beautiful game”
That being said I am currently glued to my television watching Baseball playoffs. I also can’t wait until Basketball comes around. I think the Warriors have a chance at the playoffs. This is in part why I love fall so much. You have Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Soccer going on at the same time.


At 3:32 PM , Anonymous Daniel Landeros said...

Gooaaaaaal. Soccer is number one in my heart nest to basketball. People should appreciate soccer a little more. Lets bring soccer to the forefront. Stay up. SF to the VV!

At 10:37 AM , Anonymous Marco said...

dude. socer is great and all but cmon. You cant diis foot ball oreven baseball. Footbal is a vdry compliacted sport from the plays to the formations and the defense and how good the quarterback connects with his recievers. Have you ever seen how a running back runs though the defense? Running backs have to have a lot of skill to running though 1 guys trying to bring him down at any cost. YOu need to read up a little more of football. And baseball is a hard sprt too understand but its still fun. If you ask most people that go see basebal in stadiums and ask anhy of the people whats going on they'll tell u everything toa detail. Have ou seen how smart they have to be when they need to know what base the play is on or what base to run to or to keep going if they have the chance. Bascally you cant say that soccer fans are smarter than the rest because is not true. If u wanna get into this talk to me in class!!!!


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