Sunday, October 08, 2006

This Is Ridiculous

Last week I spoke of the wonder that is Pho. This weekend I went to Fresh Choice and noticed that they were offering Pho as one of their seasonal soups. This is unacceptable! Pho is too great to be ruined by American marketing. I know with globalization that things like this do happen but it is really hard to see. I am Mexican and I have seen all my favorite dishes ruined by the likes of Taco Bell and Chevy’s. I just hope that Vietnamese food doesn’t go down the same route. I also don’t want people eating this stuff and thinking it is authentic Pho. As I have said before if you want good Pho go to Thanh Dat.


At 6:57 PM , Blogger Clay Bethelbridge said...

Is that good soup? I need to try that stuff.

At 8:26 PM , Blogger Mario Landeros said...

It is amazing!

At 12:08 AM , Anonymous Daniel Landeros said...

Quite. stay up. SF to the VV!

At 8:36 PM , Anonymous cuong Le said...

I am very interested in Pho sold at First Choice.
I agreed they are trampling on a national pride of Viet Nam.

I am a curator of the show called I LOVE PHO and would like to know more about that PHO you got.

Is it a picture of bowl of PHO or a Pho in a packet?

If you could send me more picture, that could be more appreciated and help me to document the quirky thing done in America



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