Thursday, February 12, 2009

Current Event Articles #2

Venezuelans rally ahead of poll - A poll that would allow the president to be elected indefinitely, like a dictator! (Al Jeezera)

$42b stimulus passes through Senate - Nope not the U.S., Austrailia. Everybody has it rough (World News Network)

U.S. anti-drug information leaked to Mexico cartels - By many accounts the drug cartels are just as dangerous to the U.S. as terrorism in the Middle East (Rueters)

1) In the comments, you will answer the information outlined here:
a) Who – Who is involved with the issue? (Who is impacted or who is the central figure)
b) Where – Where is it happening?
c) When – The timeline of the issue or event?
d) What – What is going on? (2-3 Sentence Summary)
e) Why – Why is this issue significant?
f) Question – A question you have after reading the article.

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