Sunday, March 15, 2009

Current Event Articles #3

Obama Advisers, Lawmakers Lash Out at AIG Over Millions in Bonuses (Fox News)

SC Gov. Sanford set to reject stimulus millions (AP)

Media critics pile on Cramer, CNBC (Politico)

1) In the comments, you will answer the information outlined here:
a) Who – Who is involved with the issue? (Who is impacted or who is the central figure)
b) Where – Where is it happening?
c) When – The timeline of the issue or event?
d) What – What is going on? (2-3 Sentence Summary)
e) Why – Why is this issue significant?
f) Question – A question you have after reading the article.

2) Make sure to put your name. I wouldn’t know who was commenting otherwise. If you are worried that I will not view your post you can e-mail me as a friendly reminder.